How can Zeal IQ help vendors?

Zeal IQ’s experience in the vendor field is extensive and spans back to 2001. Call centres where not common place and the most advanced applications used where first generation: routing, IVRs and Predictive Diallers.

Zeal specialise in helping vendors in three key ways:

  1. Developing an existing contact centre business unit
  2. Creating a new contact centre business unit
  3. Mergers, acquisitions and expansions

Since this time Zeal IQ have been immersed in the most advanced call and contact centre technology and how to take it to market. With first-hand knowledge of:

  • Omni-channel applications
  • Workforce optimisation
  • Self-service (both voice and web)
  • Knowledge management
  • Contact routing
  • Premise vs. cloud

Zeal IQ utilises this experience to offer systems integrators and application vendors specialist skills developing business in the contact centre market place.

Why Zeal IQ?

Zeal IQs unique knowledge and experience of the contact centre application market place is second to none. We know the vendor market place and have followed and worked with them as they have developed their business. We have first-hand knowledge of selecting applications through our work for many years running large procurement / refresh projects.

The key areas that we focus on are:

  1. Review current portfolios, matching the best of this with new applications that will complement and produce significant new revenue streams.
  2. Create a clear value proposition with unique selling points.
  3. Review current sales organisations creating new structures to maximise business opportunities.
  4. Leading sales teams, training them on solution selling and how to win bids using our vast experience in selling and buying contact centre technology.

The end result will be:

  • New revenue streams.
  • Increase in win ratios.
  • Increase in gross margin (GM) per sales.
  • Increase in addon sales.
  • Lower cost of ownership of the sales organisation or great GM per $ investment.

How could we help you with this or any other vendor?

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