Tim North has been working as a consultant for the Customer Engagement Project team since November 2014. He has proved extremely valuable during the project requirement specification and tendering phases of NWL’s Customer Engagement Platform project, using his extensive knowledge of the current technologies, solution providers and market players to ensure that each step is as effective and thorough as possible.

The key areas where Tim has contributed are as follows:

• excellent abilities to extract requirements during stakeholder interviews at all levels, resulting in detailed requirements documentation delivered quickly and efficiently
• detailed knowledge of the omni- /multi channel contact centre engagement architectures and solutions, ensuring that all relevant functionality and suppliers were included in the PQQ (Pre-qualification) stage of the procurement process
• high levels of integrity, treating all bidders equally through the PQQ, RFP and BAFO stages of procurement
• strong negotiation skills, utilised during vendor interactions to help negotiate the best solutions at the best price throughout the BAFO stage
• excellent workshop facilitation skills, demonstrated from requirements gathering through to BAFO negotiation stages
• rare combination of technical, process and commercial knowledge, utilised at all stages of the procurement process, evidences by highly detailed scope of works, ensuring minimal risk of unexpected costs appearing post contract award
• provides documentation to a high level of quality
• excellent communication skills, always putting the customer first and available to help at short notice where necessary


I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to any organisation that is planning to undertake activities of a similar nature.


Richard Ridley
Senior Project Manager
Northumbrian Water Limited

Date: 1st January 2016